What's my story

My first exposure to design was through Industrial Design—to which I refer as my first love, the love that showed me the world and makes me do crazy things. It taught me the design principles and the way to turn ideas into products that would meet users' needs. I also realized that I love building stuff. This led me to Jewelry Design, not only to be making stuff but also a way to express myself and translate peoples' feelings into wearable objects. My approach to jewelry is to capture emotions so as to bring and keep memories alive (Emotional Design). Eventually I started questioning myself about the WHAT and WHY behind product design from a user point of view. Design Management helped me to find answers to those questions and to find out that design is about shaping the world in which we live to satisfy our needs as people. 


  • The user is my partner in crime

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to find better solutions

  • Research and strategy are interconnected; one informs and impacts the other

  • Step into the user’s shoes and see the design through his eyes

  • Design as if we'll have to explain it to Grandma

  • Start with low-tech tools like Post-It's and Sharpies

  • First ideas suck, they always do

  • Don’t just think outside of the box, forget the box exists

  • Learn from failure, teach from success

  • Designers should make change as well as make an impact

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