Death Care in America. research study.


I was approached by my professor, Sara Jo Johnson, to join her in her research about the death care industry in the United States. This research identifies the opportunity to look at the past and present in order to re-think the concept of death transparently and multi-collaboratively in order to enable small and large human-centered “re-designs.”

The research was presented at the Design History Society Conference: Design and the Spirit of Critical Utopianism, “How We Die and How We Might Die” in San Francisco, CA, September 2015.


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Research started with articles and interviews in order to develop knowledge. Matt Weeks, Vice President of Fox and Weeks Funeral Home was interviewed, as well as the hosting of a co-creation session with Mitchell D. Morisset, Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer at Fairhaven Funeral Home.




Co-created a composite user journey and system map exploring what happens when you die.